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heather kirk, speaker
heather kirk, speaker


Heather’s books are available in Canada in bookstores and on the Internet at www.chapters.indigo.ca and www.amazon.ca. Four of Heather’s books--Who Were the Whiteoaks?Be Not Afraid, Wacousta, and Seeking Peace--can be purchased online directly from their publisher, Borealis Press, at www.borealispress.com.

Heather’s first two books, Warsaw Spring and A Drop of Rain, were published by Napoleon Publishing of Toronto. Napoleon Publishing has been purchased by Dundurn Press of Toronto.  See Dundurn’s website at www.dundurn.com.

Heather’s third book, Wacousta, was published by Winding Trail Press.  Winding Trail Press is no longer in business. Inquiries regarding Wacousta can be directed to Borealis Press at http://www.borealispress.com.

You can read about the exciting life of John Richardson, the original author of Wacousta, in a book by David Beasley called The Canadian Don Quixote: The Life and Works of Major John Richardson, Canada's First Novelist. Beasley's biography was published by Davus Publishing.

Some scenes in Wacousta are set in Fort Michilimackinac.  You can learn more about Fort Michilimackinac on the website of Mackinac State Historical Parks at http://www.mackinacparks.com.

The Windsor Community Museum at 254 Pitt Street West in Windsor, Ontario has a permanent exhibition called “By the River’s Edge: A History of Windsor.” This exhibit gives an excellent overview of the early history of Detroit as well as Windsor. John Richardson, the original author of Wacousta, has said that his inspiration for the novel came from stories his grandparents told him when he was a boy visiting their home in Sandwich, an early name for Windsor. Richardson’s grandparents had lived in Detroit when they were young; their house in Sandwich overlooked the Detroit River.

Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada will be of interest to fans of Wacousta. This site is located in Amherstburg, Ontario, just a few kilometres down river from Windsor.  John Richardson (1796-1852) grew up in Amherstburg. http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/malden/index_e.asp

Fort George National Historic Site of Canada also will be of interest to fans
of Wacousta. This site is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, a few kilometres from the popular tourist destination, Niagara Falls. John Richardson was probably born in Fort George.

Fort Malden Fort George

Heather’s fourth book, Mazo de la Roche: Rich and Famous Writer, was published by XYZ Publishing of Montreal, Quebec. XYZ Publishing is now owned by Dundurn Publishing of Toronto.  Dundurn’s website is at http://www.dundurn.com.

Heather's fifth book, Who Were the Whiteoaks and Where Was Jalna?, was published by Tecumseh Press, a division of Borealis Book Publishers.  The Borealis website is at www.borealispress.com.

Anyone interested in the life of Mazo de la Roche might like to visit two museums in southern Ontario about 25 and 35 kilometres west of Toronto respectively. Benares Historic House at 1507 Clarkson Road North in Mississauga was one of the inspirations for the house called "Jalna" that is so prominently featured in de la Roche's Jalna novels. Sovereign House at 7 West River Street in the Bronte district of Oakville was the inspiration for de la Roche's first novel, Possession. Visit these links for more information about Benares and Sovereign House:

Heather’s sixth book, Be Not Afraid: The Polish (R)evolution, “Solidarity”, was published in 2011 by Borealis Press of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Borealis website is at www.borealispress.com.

Heather’s seventh book, Seeking Peace: The Quakers was published in 2017 by Borealis Press of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The Borealis website is at www.borealispress.com. Further information about the Quakers can be found on the Internet. There are many peace-related Quaker groups today around the world and links to many of them can be found online. See, for example, http://www.quaker.org.uk/peace-links

Heather is a member of the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators, and Performers. The website of this organization is at www.canscaip.org.

Heather is also a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada.  The website of this organization is at www.writersunion.ca.

Heather is a Friend of the Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books

Heather is a member of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.  The website is at: www.bookcentre.ca.

heather kirk, speaker
Heather Kirk Author